About the WNLA

Western Nursery & Landscape Association

The Western Nursery & Landscape Association (WNLA) is the trade association for horticultural companies in the Midwest.  

As your association, WNLA is committed to:

  • Engaging and interacting with members on a year-round basis.
  • Celebrating plants with a purpose while highlighting and promoting the environmental and social benefits of horticulture.
  • Creating a community for green industry professionals to interact and develop professional relationships that will enhance their lives and careers.
  • Engage the next generations of horticulture professionals and deliver relative content based on input.
  • Hold an annual trade show & educational event - the Western - that includes exhibitors and programming that meets the needs of landscape professionals and retail garden centers.

WNLA is focused on providing educational and networking opportunities year-round.  Members can participate in webinars each year as part of 4 education series on new plants, native plants, management, and plants with purpose - webinars designed for the next generation of horticulture professionals.  

Connect with your colleagues face-to-face as on the summer Western trip.

The marquee event for WNLA is the annual Western trade show and education event in Kansas City, MO each January.  For 2019, the Western will be Jan. 16, 17 & 18 at the Crown Center Exhibit Hall.  The Western includes:

  • a trade show
  • educational sessions
  • a fashion show of new plants & plants with purpose
  • networking opportunities

WNLA Members can take advantage of online resources at wnla.org, including access to our online Career Center (free for WNLA members), member search feature and access to recorded webinars.

Western Nursery & Landscape Association members include independent retailers; landscape maintenance, contractors, designers & architects; wholesale and greenhouse growers; plant breeders; horticultural suppliers and distributors; and those involved in horticultural education, including professors, extension professionals and students.  
WNLA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

Mission Statement

The Western Nursery and Landscape Association's mission statement is: Since 1890, the Western continues its long-standing tradition as a regional, value oriented and interactive platform. Our purpose is to provide a social and educational networking event creating, engaging and building sustainable relationships for all members. 

Member Value Statement

The Western Nursery and Landscape Association is committed to providing educational and networking opportunities to its members.  Member companies receive:

  • Discounted registration to the Western
  • Access to free live and on-demand webinars
  • Western Bus Trip
  • Access to the online Career Center
  • A network of Midwestern horticultural companies
  • Opportunity to be involved on a regional level


The Western Nursery & Landscape Association was founded in 1890 when a group of forward-thinking horticulture industry leaders decided to get together with other excellent nursery firms west of the Mississippi River and create the Western Nurseryman's Association.  Hence the name Western Nursery and Landscape Association.  While now a Midwestern trade association, in 1890 this area was the West!  Check out the tabs on the right-hand side for a more detailed history of WNLA.