More information on the 2018 Western will be online this summer.

The Western Nursery & Landscape Association is committed to supporting the independing horticulture companies in the Midwest.  A key part of our mission continues to be the annual Western trade show and education.  However, we are committed to partnering with other organizations and companies year-round to help provide the networking, trade and educational opportunities you need throughout the year.

Western Education Series: The Western offers five webinar series to provide members with free education year-round.

  • New Plants Series:  Join the region's top plant breeders and growers as they discuss their new plant introductions.  Ask questions and share your experiences with these plants.  These webinars are designed to keep you ahead of the new plant trends! 
  • Greening the Industry Series:  Join other horticulture professionals who are interested in sustainability and in what the horticulture industry can do to develop, promote and implement sustainable solutions.  Share your challenges, frustrations and successes.  Hear from those on the cutting-edge of sustainability work - what's working, what isn't working and how do we embrace the green future.
  • Native Plant Series:  Join other WNLA members who are interested in native plants and their uses in horticulture. 
  • Management Series:  We know you face many decisions and challenges as small business owners.  This webinar series is designed to discuss some of those challenges - from succession planning to hiring practices, regulatory requirements to legal issues, these webinars will make sure you're aware of key business issues so you can spend more time with the plant side of your business and less time dealing with pesky management problems.  
  • Emerging Leaders Series:  Generation X & Y are moving into management roles, leading staff, and assuming responsibility for family companies.  This webinar series is designed to discuss some of the issues the 30-something year old manager faces.  How do you help facilitate the retirement of the preceeding generation?  How do you balance multi-generational staff?  How do you make the move from doing the work to managing how the work gets done?  This webinar series is designed with new managers in mind to help you make the move from staff to leader.  

Western Bus Trips - The Summer 2017 Trip is to Loma Vista Nursery

The Western Nursery & Landscape Association Bus Tour will be August 17 & 18 to Loma Vista Nursery.  More details will be available in the coming weeks.

The Western Out and About

The Western Nursery & Landscape Association will be attending several state and local events in 2016.  These events are a great way for us to get out, talk with members and support the incredible educational events that are organized by the state and local associations in the Midwest.