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Phil Harwood, Managing Partner of Grow the Bench, will be presenting “Creating a Modern Workforce: Emerging expectations of a new generation” Thursday afternoon. Employers today are facing a new generation of workers with expectations that are vastly different from previous generations. Successfully creating a modern workforce requires an understanding of these emerging expectations and significant cultural and policy changes to attract and retain a new generation of workers. This keynote session will provide insight into these emerging expectations and tangible solutions to be implemented in response to them.

Following his presentation, Phil will be moderating a panel discussion with industry leaders addressing the following questions:
 • What is working for you in recruiting? What are your methods?
 • How are you approaching recruitment differently today than before the labor shortage?
 • What are you doing to improve retention? 
• What have you tried that didn’t work as well as you had hoped?
 • How have you addressed compensation in an environment of rising wages? 
• What does the industry as a whole need to do to improve attractiveness of landscape careers?
 • What initiatives are already under way that you are involved in or supporting? Each attendee will be provided with a 30-day all-access pass toGrowTheBench.com.
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