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2016 Fashion Show


The Western Nursery & Landscape Association presented the 2016 Fashion Show at the annual Western.

Thanks to American Nurseryman for sponsoring the 2016 Fashion Show!

American Nurseryman


Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

First Editions® Blue Puffball™ Vitex


  • Plant Botanical Name: Vitex agnus-castus 'PIIVAC-Il' PPAF
  • Developed by: Plant Introductions, Inc.
  • Introduced and grown by: Bailey Nurseries, Inc.
  • A true genetic dwarf, Blue Puffball™ grows only 3-4’ tall and wide. It forms a perfect ball-shaped plant with short internodes and thick foliage. Mid-green foliage is clean into fall with minimal to no leaf spot. Deep blue, fragrant flowers bloom from June - September. Flowers form on new growth like Buddleia so it can be used as a dieback shrub in colder areas. (zone 6-9)

First Editions® Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea

  • Plant Botanical Name: Spiraea betulifolia 'COURISPI01' PPAF
  • Developed by: Jacques Couturieux, Moyenmoutier, France
  • Introduced and grown by: Bailey Nurseries, Inc.
  • If you are a fan of Spirea 'Tor', you will love this new twist on Spiraea betulifolia. Bred in France, Pink Sparkler™ blooms in early summer with large pink flowers at the terminals of this rounded shrub. An added bonus is in the autumn, when new flowers are formed and bloom along the leaf axils in each stem. These flowers are smaller, but there are more of them and add a pop of pink color to the fall. (Height and width 3-4’) (Zone 3-8)

First Editions® Summer Ruffle™ Hibiscus

  • Plant Botanical Name: Hibiscus syriacus 'Aarticus' PPAF
  • Developed by: Steve Bruin, Lincoln Nurseries
  • Introduced and grown by: Bailey Nurseries, Inc.
  • Aptly named, this variegated hibiscus has blue green foliage with creamy white margins. Dark pink to lavender single flowers add to the show in summer. At 3-4' in height and width, this is a great feature plant for smaller gardens or in patio containers. (zone 5-8)

Ball Horticultural Company

Medinilla Magnifica & Medinilla Dolce Vita


  • Introduced by: Northend Gardens
  • Grown by: Northend Gardens
  • Plant Botanical Name: Medinilla Magnifica & Medinilla Dolce Vita
  • Medinillas are a tropical flowering plant native to the mountainous area of the Philippines. They are an epiphyte like an orchid and live at high elevation where they grow on the branches of trees. They are exposed to high light but the light is filtered by leaves and branches. The blooms will last 2 to 5 months depending on temperature. At indoor home temperatures of 60°F (15°C), flowers last 3 to 5 months; at higher temperatures the blooms will open faster. Our main production is Medinilla Magnifica which is the largest and most spectacular of the 400 species of Medinillas. Our double-flowered variety is called Dolce Vita which means “the good life." We call this one the artsy one, with its very unique fuschia and green curly bracts. Dolce Vita's flowers last longer than Magnifica, handles lower light conditions and reflowers more easily without the temperature drop.

Greenleaf Nursery Company

Twist of Vanilla™ Abelia

  • Plant Botanical Name: Abelia x grandiflora 'Wevo1'
  • Developed by: Ball Horticultural Company
  • Introduced by: Garden Debut®
  • Grown by: Greenleaf Nursery Company
  • This prostrate growing Abelia features semi-evergreen and white variegated foliage sure to brighten any landscape. Produces a profuse bloom of white flowers through the summer. This rapid grower matures at 2 to 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

Twist of Orange™ Abelia

  • Plant Botanical Name: Abelia x grandiflora 'sPg-3-069'
  • Developed by: Southern Plant Group
  • Introduced by: Garden Debut®
  • Grown by: Greenleaf Nursery Company
  • Colorful evergreen shrub with green, gold, orange and red variegated foliage year-round and clusters of white flowers through the summer and into fall. Moderate grower, reaching 4 feet wide and tall.

Twist of Lime™ Abelia

  • Plant Botanical Name: Abelia x grandiflora 'Hopley's'
  • Developed by: Greenleaf Nursery Company
  • Introduced by: Garden Debut®
  • Grown by: Greenleaf Nursery Company
  • An outstanding Abelia with bright variegated foliage that is yellow with green centers when young, maturing to ivory and green. Produces a heavy bloom of light pink flowers through the summer. A moderate grower that reaches an average size of 4 to 5 feet tall and wide.

Twist of Lemon™ Abelia

  • Plant Botanical Name: Abelia x grandiflora 'Gretol'
  • Developed by: Greenleaf Nursery Company
  • Introduced by: Garden Debut®
  • Grown by: Greenleaf Nursery Company
  • A uniquely colored, evergreen to semi-evergreen Abelia featuring copper-tinged yellow foliage which gradually turns to soft yellow, then green. Fall brings broze color with rose highlighting. Clusters of small, fragrant and pinkish-white flowers summer to frost. Matures at 3 to 5 feet tall and 5 to 6 feet wide.


J. Berry Nursery

Déjà Bloom® Azalea Red Tiara™

  • Plant Botanical Name: Azalea hybrid '15' PP25,728
  • Developed, Introduced and Grown by: J. Berry Nursery
  • Déjà Bloom® Azaleas will have you seeing bloom after bloom after bloom, they are multi-season flowerers with vivid colors, exceptional pest and disease resistance, and exceptional sun tolerance. The Red Tiara™ Déjà Bloom®Azalea is perfect for the landscape or planted in a patio container with a mature size of 4 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide. Déjà Bloom® Azaleas bring bright, bold beauty, season after season.

Black Diamond® Crapemyrtle Purely Purple™

  • Plant Botanical Name: Lagerstroemeia indica '18' ppaf
  • Developed, Introduced & Grown by: J. Berry Nursery
  • The revolutionary Black Diamond® Crapemyrtle collection is known for stunning jet-black foliage crowned with masses of vibrantly colored blooms providing beauty and interest Spring until Frost. The vibrant violet flowers of Purely Purple™ join the rainbow of choices currently available in the Black Diamond® Collection: Best Red™, Blush™, Crimson Red™, Pure White™, Shell Pink™, Mystic Magenta™, Lavender Lace™ and Red Hot™. Black Diamond® Crapemyrtles are hardy in zones 7-10, behave as perennials in zone 6, and perform perfectly in many applications. With maximum growth of 10 to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide, Black Diamond® Crapemyrtles serve as excellent borders along driveways and fences or colorful flowering hedges when pruned. Additionally, Black Diamond® Crapemyrtles can add color and drama to patios and porches as focal points in containers. Along with stunning foliage, beautiful blooms, and compact growth, Black Diamond® Crapemyrtles tolerate drought, perform well in small gardens, resist mildew and cercospora leaf spot, and maintain their leaf color throughout the seasons without fading.

Hollywood™ Hibiscus Leading Lady™

  • Plant Botanical Name: Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis 14007 ppaf
  • Developed, Introduced and Grown by: J. Berry Nursery
  • Hollywood Hibiscus™ bring beauty and glamour to the landscape and are the perfect stars for containers with their compact growth habits. Leading Lady™ is a natural performer with vivid yellow petals with a vibrant white center. Always dressed to impress and covered with buds and blooms she is sure to win great accolade in the industry. Leading Lady is perfect for adding lush vivid color to the landscape and will brighten every balcony.


Petite Pillar™ Dwarf Boxwood

  • Plant Botanical Name: Buxus microphylla 'MonAlex' P.P.A.F.
  • Developed, Introduced and Grown by: Monrovia
  • What turns an icon into this season’s must-have fresh find? A fabulous twist on a timeless classic! Elegant and refined, Petite Pillar™ Dwarf Boxwood is an exceptional new dwarf variety with a tailored, natural columnar form can be dressed to thrill with just a bit of shearing. Its lustrous, evergreen foliage and chic-simple shape turns this slow-growing boxwood into the LBD (little black dress) of the garden, the perfect foil to trick-out by surrounding with color and bling or just making a statement in an well-proportioned, understated container.

Ember Waves® Western Arborvitae

  • Plant Botanical Name: Thuja 'MonPin' P.P.# 25,363
  • Developed, Introduced and Grown by: Monrovia
  • First clothed in sprays of sunny-yellow new growth, Ember Waves® Western Arborvitae ups the drama as the seasons progress, it palette maturing to chartreuse and then bright green by summer. When temps cool, Ember Waves® Western Arborvitae ramps up for its star turn in the garden, as foliage transitions to deep gold with glowing orange to russet-red tips for an almost ombre effect. Accessorize and add height to a bed or front door vignette or get full on street-style with Ember Waves® Western Arborvitae used as a thick privacy screen. Vigorous and virtually disease-free, this one delivers camera-ready style without any diva behavior.

Spring Meadow Nursery

Invicibelle Spirit II Hydrangea

  • Plant Botanical Name: Hydrangea arborescens 'NCHA2' USPPAF, Can PBRAF
  • Developed by: Dr. Thomas Ranney, North Carolina State University
  • Introduced by: Proven Winners® ColorChoice®
  • Grown by: Spring Meadow Nursery
  • The second generation of Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea delivers on all accounts: it has darker foliage, stiffer stems, and larger flowers that are a richer pink that ages to an attractive green. This hydrangea grows from Manitoba to Mobile, blooming every year from mid-summer to frost. It is a strong rebloomer, and will deliver plenty of rich pink flowers through the summer and into fall. As with the original Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea, $1 from every plant sold will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Center. BCRF is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide. Available at better garden centers Spring 2016.

Summer Skies Buddleia

  • Plant Botanical Name: 'Summer Skies' Buddleia USPP 22,465, Can 4,657
  • Developed by: Dr. Mark Brand and William Smith, University of Connecticut
  • Introduced by: Proven Winners® ColorChoice®
  • Grown by: Spring Meadow Nursery
  • A high-drama plant for the summer garden, its soft violet-blue flowers contrast beautifully with the bright yellow and white variegated foliage. This is a highly stable variety which is resistant to scorching.

Sweet Emotion Abelia

  • Plant Botanical Name: Sweet Emotion® Abelia mosanensis 'SMNAMDS' USPPAF, Can PBRAF
  • Developed by: Tim Wood, Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc.
  • Introduced by: Proven Winners® ColorChoice®
  • Grown by: Spring Meadow Nursery
  • This super-hardy abelia has rich fragrance and dark, reddish-pink flower buds. The spicy sweet blooms adorn this plant from late May to early June, and the glossy summer foliage turns an attractive orange-red in autumn. Sweet Emotion is a knockout landscape plant for both the North and the South, and will thrive in areas that are too cold for other abelias.

UpShoot, LLC

Old Fashioned Smoke Bush PBR

  • Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’ PP 19,035
  • About Old Fashioned Smoke Bush:
    • Height & Spread: 6′ h x 5′ w
    • Shape: Broad and upright
    • Flower: Fleeting, bright yellow-green
    • Zone: 5
    • Foliage:
    • Spring: Purple flushed new growth
    • Summer: Blue-gray mature foliage
    • Fall: Pink, orange and red hues
    • Features:
    • Garden specimen shrub
    • Can be trained into a small tree
    • Spring – summer are great for cut flowers
    • Deer resistant
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