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2019 Fashion Show


Join us for the 9th Annual Fashion Show on

Thursday, January 17, 2019 at The Western!


2019 Fashion Show Entries to date: 



UpShoot, LLC

Sharon Kay™ Viburnum

Sharon Kay™ Viburnum is a large, mounded, deciduous flowering shrub with a height of 8 feet and a spread of 8 feet. It blooms in the spring unveiling 3” showy snowball flowers. The foliage is darker green than species with red petioles. In the fall, it exhibits an attractive burgundy color. For landscape use, it is a focal point in its natural form or limbed up to look top-grafted. It can be used as a hedge or in mass plantings. It prefers moist, well-drained soil, pH 5.0-8.0, and, under the right soil conditions, it can re-bloom up to three times during the growing season. This shrub does best in full sun to part shade. It is low-maintenance, needs shaping only as desired, and is propagated by summer mist cutting. It benefits the environment by attracting bees, beneficials, and birds, and is also disease resistant. 


Spring Meadow Nursery/Proven Winners® Color Choice®

Bloomerang® Dwarf Purple Lilac

A new and improved Bloomerang® Purple lilac with more flowers, stronger rebloom, and improved disease resistance. It’s easy to love this plant for its beauty, healthy growth, sweet fragrance and smaller habit, reaching heights of just 30-36’ tall and wide. Can be used for cut flowers, attracts pollinators.


Double Play Doozie™ Spirea


Double Play Doozie™ Spiraea japonica is a ground-breaking sterile spirea. Not only is it non-invasive, but its lack of seed also means it is a perpetual bloomer, putting all of its energy into creating wave after wave of flowers from early summer through frost. This selection starts the season with vibrant red and lime leaves that darken as the season progresses. Dark, red-pink flowers open in June and continue until frost. No deadheading required, so it will bloom all season with virtually no maintenance. Naturally grows to 2-3’ tall/wide, as a neat mound; naturally deer resistant and an excellent attractor for pollinators.


Summer Wine® Black Ninebark

Foliage + flowers Deep purple-black foliage – the darkest of any ninebark – give Summer Wine® Black a dramatic presence in the landscape. With its semi-dwarf, compact habit (reaches heights of 72”), and disease resistant foliage, it offers outstanding potential for landscapers and homeowners alike. Its very dark foliage looks striking in the landscape and white flowers cover the branches in spring. Easy to grow and maintain. 


J Berry

Cordon Bleu™ Summer Spice™ Hardy Hibiscus

The multi-award winning Summer Spice Hibiscus are a breakthrough in breeding with naturally compact growth habits, never-before seen blooms colors, and phenomenal bud and bloom counts far surpassing the current standard of perennial hibiscus in the market. Their commercially friendly growth rates, optimal growth habits and stunning bloom colors bring low-maintenance beauty to both growers and gardeners. A true blue flower has been elusive but Cordon Bleu brings it to life with large, steel blue flowers with a burgundy star burst center. Whether you’re a plant geek or not, this hibiscus is a head turner. Its 3’ x 3’ size means it fits today’s smaller size landscape requirements.


Sweetheart™ Gardenia

A staple in the landscape, gardenias are prized for their scented flowers and Sweetheart is no exception with single, white flowers in the spring which re-bloom in the fall. They will fill the garden with fragrance or consumers can cut and take them indoors to refresh their living area. While pleasing to gardeners, Sweetheart is also attractive to and will support pollinators. And while we love inviting beneficials to play in our landscapes, homeowners are not as excited about four legged friends so luckily Sweetheart is a deer resistant selection. Smaller in stature at 4’ tall and wide it will fit in more limited spaces. This low maintenance plant only needs a light pruning after flowering so consumers have time for other fun activities.


Rico Suave™ Hollywood™ Hibiscus


Hollywood Hibiscus are famous for their multi-day lasting blooms, naturally compact growth habits, bacterial lea spot resistant foliage and phenomenal bud and bloom counts. Growers consistently save on labor, chemical production costs due to these commercially friendly growth rates, and the disease and pest resistance bred into this collection. Maybe most importantly, gardeners are super fans of the vibrantly colored, consistent blooming tropical Hibiscus, many of whom want to collect them all! Rico Suave’s unique tri-color blooms will be a star that gardeners will swoon over to have in their garden.


Garden Debut®

Colorama™ Scarlet Crapemyrtle

Bring your garden to life with the brilliant color of Colorama™ Scarlet Crapemyrtle! Colorful masses of scarlet-red flowers on gorgeous deep green foliage from summer through fall. Vigorous, self-branching habit, reaching 15 to 20 feet tall and 8 to 12 feet wide. Excellent as a landscape specimen and thrives in full sun. USDA Zone 6.


Twist of Mango™ Abelia

Mix it up with Twist of Mango™ Abelia. Bright yellow new growth in the spring gradually matures to gold in the summer. Has bronze fall color with gold highlights. Clusters of small, white, bell-shaped flowers appear summer through fall. Reaches 2 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide and thrives in sun to partial shade. Deer and drought tolerance and beautiful fall color make this plant a winner. USDA Zone 6. 

The Champion™ Sunblush Rose

This simply irresistible rose has bi-colored 2.5-inch flowers that repeatedly bloom from late spring through summer. Yellow flower buds with pink striations open to reveal soft, yellow petals with pastel pink edges before finally turning deep pink. Reaches 4 feet tall and wide and thrives in full sun. Drought tolerant. USDA Zone 5.


Ball Ingenuity

Begonia Canary Wings

This vegetative begonia is a fantastic option for baskets, patio pots and mixed combinations where brightness is needed to enhance shady spaces.  With chartreuse foliage and wide, spreading habit, Canary Wings is unique and interesting for consumers and landscapers alike.


Bailey Nurseries

 First Editions® Berry White™ Hydrangea


This long-awaited introduction is a step forward in paniculata breeding. With strong, upright stems and large cone-shaped flower panicles that stay upright, this plant is a summer stunner. Like the other paniculatas from Mr. Renault at Pépinières Renault, the flower color starts out white in July then progresses to dark pink. Coloring occurs from the bottom and progresses to the top of the panicle. Berry White™ blooms a little later than Strawberry Sundae® and about the same time as Vanilla Strawberry™. Color shades can vary according to location, climate and type of soil. Our growers like this plant, and we think you will, too. Grows 6-7' tall, 4-5' in width in USDA Zones 3-8.


First Editions® Fireside® Ninebark


We selected this new ninebark because of the stunning foliage. Reddish new growth matures to deep red-purple foliage that holds its color reliably all summer whereas others take on brownish tones later in the season. We trialed it in Georgia, and the summer color did not brown out. Add to that, Fireside™ didn’t show any signs of powdery mildew in field and production trials in multiple sites 2015-2017. The leaf size is intermediate; bigger than Little Devil™ but smaller than Diabolo®. Pinkish-white flowers bloom in spring and foliage turns deep purple in fall. The plant habit is tidier than other Physocarpus with a rounded, upright shape.


Endless Summer® Summer Crush™ Bigleaf Hydrangea

It’s not just about blue or pink anymore! The intense, deep coloration found in Summer Crush™ is a true differentiator in the hydrangea marketplace. With a profusion of big raspberry red or neon purple blooms, Summer Crush™ is a color breakthrough in reblooming garden hydrangeas and a welcome addition to the Endless Summer® brand. Bred by Bailey Innovations, this new addition is the result of focused breeding and years of production and field testing. Proven to be Zone 4 cold hardy and the most wilt resistant Endless Summer® yet, this compact growing hydrangea with dark green glossy leaves fits smaller spaces in the garden and is the perfect size for patio containers. Grows to 18-36" in height and width in USDA Zones 4-9. 


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