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Design Workshop


Design Workshop

For landscape designers and landscape architects

Tickets: $199 per person, limited tickets available.

Thursday, January 17, 2019 - time to be determined.

with Roy Diblik, Northwind Perennial Farm



Simply choosing plants from character reference lists, plant catalogs and books then base their relationships on flower color, bloom time and the awareness of simple site conditions can only produce plantings that favor the moment, the ribbon cutting. Their future becomes cloudy, their care and nurturing is business based and their decline inevitable.

I’d like to share the importance of affection and the beauty of self- discovery in coming to know plants, creating intimate plant communities and the joy of caring for perennial plantings.

  1. I will discuss 16 plants and the value of coming to known them. Understanding their growth rate and growth habits and other characteristics that contribute to their placement together and relating to their seasonal and yearly developmental associations with each other.
  2. Considering the gardeners inputs based on the gardens selected plant patterns within the overall plant community and their evolving relationships from year to year. We will layout patterns and evaluate them based on their stewardship needs from the first year to the fifth year.
  3. We will consider gardening practices over landscaping practices. Having the possibilities of health and beauty over neat and tidy.
  4. We will discuss the transformational time we are in within the Horticultural industry, having the opportunity to become a plant driven culture, raising the level of beauty, the health of soil, the thoughtful use of water, food and home for small creatures and managing time and money.


About the speaker:

Roy Diblik is a recognized perennial plant expert, grower, designer, speaker and author. Combining his 35 years of knowledge growing traditional and Midwest native perennials, he specializes in highly aesthetic, sustainable plant communities for all seasons, while reducing maintenance through design. He believes that gardens should be thoughtful, ecologically directed, emotionally outreaching and yet very personal.


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