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Roundtable Discussions


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Thanks to all our 2020 Roundtable Discussion leaders!




Thursday January 16, 2020:

8:00 AM:

Haig Seferian: Getting Paid for Your Design Services
Phil Harwood: Recruiting Tactics That Actually Work
Meg Steen: Tips for Giving the Ultimate Customer Service Experience
Katherine Swartz: How Hemp has fit into Their Operation
Alex O’Neill: Canna-Help You?
Tim Dungan: Educating Customers about Integrated Pest Management


Friday January 17, 2020:

8:00 AM
Sue Markgraf: It’s ALL About You – Identifying and Articulating Your Personal Brand
Anna Barnett: Landscape Telecommuting: Utilizing Remote Staff to Grow Your Business
Kathy Gates: Expand Your Circle and Benefit Your Business
Kaitlin Schmidt: Managing Native Plant Landscapes for Habitat
Jay Warren: Attracting Youth to Our Industry
Sven Svenson: What do Horticulture Students “NEED” to Know?

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